Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding Date

May 28, 2012
The time finally came for Teddy to set a date to host Felicia's wedding. So she had her sister over for some tea.
"Felicia, the whole month of June is booked!" said Teddy.
"Teddy! You have not ONE thing booked in June, you have not one date on your calendar," said Felicia.
"Grrrrrr," Teddy growled. Have you ever heard a bear growl? You really don't want to. It's scary. "OK, OK, how about July. Let's say July 28," Teddy snapped. Felicia, a little afraid of Teddy's growl, said sure then quickly exited.


  1. teddy growled? does she also bite? this is a whole new side to TEDDY!

  2. Did Teddy consult an astrologer to find the most auspicious wedding date for Felicia or does it have something to do with avoidance and putting it off till the last possible Saturday? I suspect it is the latter. Sorry, Teddy.

  3. the latter! but Teddy does love astrologers...