Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maria Menounos' Six Pack

May 1, 2012
Last night Maria Menounos got a perfect 30 score on Dancing With the Stars. Teddy thinks it's because Maria has a six pack that is even more defined than her partner Derek Hough's.
Can this Greek really dance? Teddy thinks not so much. And it bothers her that she has such a chiseled stomach. Bears prefer their midsections to be fluffy and slightly padded. Maria needs a box of See's chocolates.


  1. So glad you think that, Teddy! Though not fluffy, my mid section has definitely become slightly padded in recent years. Did have a six-pack once upon a time, but the rest of me was probably unhealthily then. Content humans and bears are nicely padded.

  2. u r so right jenann. who wants a six pack on your stomach? six packs belong in the fridge