Monday, August 8, 2011


August 8, 2011
Teddy usually sleeps in till say around 10 am. So Nibs, an early riser, has learned to make his own coffee. Good thing he has a Tassimo Home Brewing System, which is so simple.... even a bear can do it! (Sorry Tibs.)
First Nibs selects the type of coffee he's craving: Light roast? Dark roast? Hazelnut?
Pop in the packet...
And press the big button. Because Nibs has big paws, he likes big buttons.
The coffee brews. It takes like 20 seconds. That gives Nibs just the right amount of time to think about what he'll do for the day. He usually settles on whatever Teddy wants to do. He says it's easier that way.
Ahhhh, now Nibs has the energy to deal with his better half.


  1. Tibs, is this the new brangelina?

  2. Tibs was Brangelina before Brangelina was Brangelina.

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