Monday, August 29, 2011

Bouchon Bakery Beverly Hills

August 29, 2011
Home again, Teddy decided to catch up on all things new in L.A. and on the top of her list was the just opened Bouchon Bakery in Beverly Hills.
Located near Bouchon Bistro, that charming French cafe that borders the Beverly Canon Park, the Bakery is actually much smaller than you'd expect.
It sits beneath the stairs that lead up to the main restaurant. Yes, there are 3 Bouchons: the main restaurant, the Bistro and the Bakery. Whew!
Teddy ordered the fruit croissant with a side a butter (she doesn't worry about her cholesterol level, clearly) and some ice water.
The verdict: yummy! Crispy from the buttery goodness and the fruit was perfectly cooked and nicely chunky. Bravo Bouchon!
After her snack, Teddy got pensive by one of the park's three fountains. Maybe being back in L.A. isn't so bad after all....


  1. didn't know it was open yet, thanks Teddy! (Where's Nibs?)

  2. Nibs is working! Poor Nibs, so much work every day while Teddy lollygags