Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just The Two Of Us

May 11, 2013
All that time in the room at Pechanga created a new bond between the bears. They did everything together! They read magazines side by side...
They gazed at the view arm in arm...
They even shared a few jokes together by the bar...
Maybe this is what the doctor (would have) ordered?


  1. What's happening, Teddy & Nibs?

  2. Three months and no T&N. Where have you gone?

  3. Where are the Little Bears?

  4. Missing Teddy and Nibs, come back!!!

  5. Hello Nibs. It's so lovely to see so many photos of you! I wonder if you could help me? Are you a Manhattan Toy Company teddy bear, about 13 inches tall? If so, you are identical to my old beloved teddy bear, who sadly went missing years ago, and who I'm desperately trying to replace. I would really, really appreciate your help with this. Love Ben xx

  6. It's been over three years since we last heard from Teddy and Nibs. I have often wondered what happened at Pechanga. Did Teddy ever recover from her hibernation stupor? Did Nibs give up trying to get through to her? Are they still together?

    I hope all is well with the bears. I miss them dearly.

    A special note to the blogger and creator of Teddy & NIbs: I want you to know that T&N was a daily highlight for me. You are a very imaginative and funny writer. I hope you too are okay and that your reason for stopping the blog was because you are busy with other wonderful projects. Thank you.