Thursday, June 21, 2012


June 21, 2012
Teddy has been in a summer funk thanks to all this June Gloom in L.A. and hasn't done much of anything. Her sister Felicia called and insisted they have a chat, so they met at a bench in Palisades Park, Teddy's favorite place to think.
"Teddy, if all this pressure of throwing my wedding is getting to you, I can just hire a wedding planner," said Felicia.
"No, no, no Felicia, it's not that, it's the thought of seeing dad again," said Teddy. "I've heard some rumors that he's not our real father and it has really been getting under my fur. It makes sense though. He doesn't look like either of us!"
"Gaaaasp!" said Felicia. "Teddy, that is crazy. It's nonsense. You have to get that thought out of your head. But, then again, you're right. He doesn't look like us. But we don't look like mom either. But you and I look almost identical! It doesn't add up. Were we adopted?"
On the walk back to their cars Teddy gave Felicia a bear hug and said, "Don't worry Felicia, we'll get to the bottom of this!"

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  1. I can hardly wait until I see their dad. Just how different can he be?