Thursday, March 15, 2012

Julia Roberts is Vanity Fair's Cover Girl!

March 15, 2012
After Nibs stopped giving her a hard time about the Starbucks thing, Teddy got comfortable and perused her new issue of Vanity Fair with Julia Roberts on the cover.
Julia still looks good for a mom of three in her 40s.
Fopsie says Julia is The Meanest Woman in Hollywood, and that people don't like working with her.
Teddy is always hearing about how celebrities are so nasty. Maybe it's because they're all on diets. Diets make people grumpy. That's why Teddy refuses to do the Zone or the Cleanse or the Gluten Free thing. She's already grumpy enough when she doesn't starve herself.

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  1. We certainly don't want Teddy to become the Meanest Bear in Beverly Hills!