Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Courtney Robertson Wins The Bachelor

February 28, 2012
On last night's episode of The Bachelor, Courtney Robertson, below, came off as remorseful of the nasty things she has said to fellow contestants Emily and Kacie B, among others.
Was she acting? Is this the real Courtney? Maybe she isn't that evil--after all her family, who we met during her Arizona hometown date--seemed nice. That's her dad Rick, her sister Rachel and her mom Sherry (Sherry has the same weird facial expressions that Courtney does, so that explains that!).
Teddy's insider on all things Hollywood--Fopsie--told Teddy that Courtney is the winner and that Ben proposes to her in Switzerland with a big Neil Lane engagement ring.
The attraction is obvious, but will it last? Will Ben and Courtney have the same long-lasting love that Teddy and Nibs have? Doubtful. They live in different cities, that's a big problem, plus Courtney has 2 personalities. Will Ben love them both?


  1. The track record is not so good for The Bachelor relationships. I guess the series started with the premise of matrimony but now it seems like a painful drawn-out Dating Game. I don't think the audience really believes these relationships are long-lasting love. I believe in bear love.

    The show has an AWFUL track record bc these people live in different cities and relocating is hard. They should just have everyone from the same town do it

  3. But at the beginning wasn't part of the premise that the Batch was a millionaire and that all that traveling back and forth would not be a financial strain? Still, it sounds exhausting.