Friday, November 25, 2011

Sisters Pep Talk

November 25, 2011
As could be guessed, things didn't go perfectly on T-Day. Beatrice asked Felicia why she wasn't married yet, which Teddy SPECIFICALLY asked her mom to not bring up. So Felicia came over for a pep talk (that's Teddy on the left, Felicia on the right).
"Felicia, you need to give people an answer when they ask you why you aren't getting married," said Teddy. "Sometimes you get mad and keep it all in which stresses you out. Why don't you give them the Teddy treatment and tell them to mind their own damn business?"
"Teddy, I'm not feisty like you. We sure do look alike, but we really aren't alike at all," said Felicia. "Sometimes I wonder if we have the same father." (GULP!)
"How is dad anyhow?" asked Teddy.

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